1. The name of the Club shall be Rivermead Badminton Club.
  2. The number of members shall be limited to 60. An approximately equal number of men and women shall make up the membership, with more than 30 of either men or women allowed to join at the discretion of the committee.
  3. The minimum age of members is 18.
  4. The fees for the Club are to be set each quarter by the committee and will be adjusted as necessary to cover court hire fees, shuttles and all other costs to the Club.
  5. Two signatures shall be required to authorise cheques paid by the club. One signature will be from either the Treasurer or Match Secretary and the second is required from the Chairperson.
  6. The committee will consist of Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and one team Captain for each team entered in the League. The committee may co-opt members to help as required.
  7. Membership fees are due monthly. Non-payment will result in termination of membership. Discretion may be used by the Chairperson and Treasurer jointly in extenuating circumstances.
  8. The number of visitors each week shall be limited at the discretion of the Committee. These places can be secured, by telephoning or emailing the Chairperson. Fees for visitors shall be determined by the Committee and are subject to change at any time as agreed by the Committee.
  9. The Committee shall serve for one year. Elections will be held at the AGM. The AGM will take place in April every year or the nearest date that can be achieved by the current serving Committee. The Chairperson must be chosen by a majority vote of all Club members attending the AGM. Any Committee member may be de­selected by majority vote at an AGM.
  10. To call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club, the agreement of two thirds of the membership of the Club must be obtained. Any member has the right to request attendance at any Committee meeting.
  11. Members that join near the start of the league season and are asked to play in the League team, are asked to pay their own registration fees for the league. This fee will be reimbursed when a period of 4 months has been completed in the season or the Committee is satisfied with the commitment from the member.
  12. The elected committee will review the constitution periodically. All revisions to be agreed by the majority vote of Club members.